All in one API to validate your user's emails.

Stop spam & disposable email submission junk with a single check.

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The only all in one API that validates and monitors emails for spam activity

Powerful API

Our Powerful API checks all aspect of the email for one single credit per request.

Protect Your Data

Stop trash users and bad data from getting into your application. Stop disposable or undeliverable emails.

Only API that monitors

Make a single request, and we can monitor changes in the email spam activity for 2 weeks.

Safeguard your application data

Spam and disposable emails are a waste of your time. With a single API request, you can test any email address against 8 data touch points.

Fighting spam is on going battle. An email that passes a check one day can be blacklisted days later, and when that happens, we will notify you of that change up to 2 weeks later.

Customer profile user interface

One powerful API request

With a single request to our API, we can test the validity of an email address along with the IP request from where it was submited into your application.

Inbox user interface

Simple transparent pricing

No monthly subscription needed.

What's included

  • Credits that never expire

  • Monitor emails for 2 weeks for spam activity

  • Webhook notifications for email status change

  • 30 day request logs

All the data you need, in a single API endpoint.

          -H 'Authorization: Bearer {token}'
          -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
          -d '[email protected]'
          "uuid": "87f83eaa-3351-4542-8e9b-0dece8013839",
          "request_email": "[email protected]",
          "ip_address": null,
          "is_spam": true,
          "is_deliverable": false,
          "is_blacklisted": true,
          "passes_rfc": false,
          "passes_domain_check": false,
          "passes_mx_check": false,
          "passes_spoof_check": false,
          "spam_score": 1,
          "domain_risk": 10,
          "network_type": null,
          "created_at": "2022-08-08 11:08:52",
          "updated_at": "2022-08-08 11:08:52",
          "email": {
             "uuid": "98e17c1c-94a4-4dee-9527-c41334941f36",
             "address": "[email protected]",
             "is_disposable": false,
             "is_free_provider": false,
             "is_role_address": true,
             "is_catchall_address": false,
             "last_checked_at": "2022-08-08 11:08:52"

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